02 January 2007

Replacing the French Doors

This was the sight that greeted us when we first bought the house. The wonderful, unusable garage. It was packed full of the FO's crap and was built by his loving hands from the remains of the carriage barn that he took down when he bought the house. I don't know where he got the French doors.

After we moved in and repainted the garage and had used it for a few years the doors started to seriously deteriorate. They weren't built that sturdily in the first place and were unsupported through the "window" sections.

After removal of one French door, and trying to hold the rest of the door together.

I designed new doors to look like hinged carriage doors and they look much, much, better!

I used some neat old barn windows I bought at an estate sale and reglazed them.

I still have the French doors. All the white paint is off and I removed all the window glass. I just know that there's some Martha Stewart thing I can do with them but "cottage" type decorating is not my style .


Jocelyn said...

not THAT is a garage door. Excellent work!

Marilyn said...

Thanks, Jocelyn. I was going for that Carriage House look.