01 January 2007

Just Dreaming

It is such a dreary day I don't feel like doing anything constructive so I'm just imagining my house done and decorated the way I've seen it for the past 12 years. I had a little panic in 2005 with the news that Bruce Bradbury of Bradbury & Bradbury was retiring and the business closing. I quick refinanced my house so I could have the money to buy at least one roomset of paper before it was discontinued on December 31! Then later that year I read the news that an employee had bought the business and was continuing all the lines. Whew! Now I could afford to wait a while longer and do some other necessary jobs first, like painting the outside, re-coppering the attic windowsills, re-flashing the chimney to get rid of the leak left by the crummy roofers, and buying some chandeliers and furniture.

Anyway, now the money is almost gone and it will be a few years before I can refinance again unless I come into an inheritance or win the lottery or something. Here is the paper I want to use in the front parlor, which gets a fair amount of morning light and has oak woodwork. It's called the "Dresser II Roomset" in the style of Christopher Dresser.

This is the dado paper in "Ashes of Roses".

I will use this wall fill, but will save money by painting the wall and stencilling the figures on myself. I will use the light teal color from the dado.

This is the wall fill I like but will use only in the hallway between the parlor and dining room and probably the stairwell.

These are some of the ceiling papers that can be used in any configuration you can come up with.

The whole prospect of wallpapering with expensive papers is scary because I've never wallpapered before. Hopefully by the time I can afford to do this I can also afford to hire someone to do it, too.

So now, I guess that means teal velvet draperies with tassels and lace undercurtains. Mmmmmmm.

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