25 January 2007

Giant Tableware

Just developed some film from last Spring 2006 from before I bought and installed some light fixtures. Here is a before before picture of the Dining Room from the previous administration. This was in my mortgage folder.

Note the giant fork and spoon and half-barrel liquor cabinet. Classy.
Remember the episode of The King of Queens where these were on the wall and they took them down but the faded image remained?

The filled-in pass-through to the Butler's Pantry is on the wall where that barrel is. Note the light fixture. Another pic below.

Isn't that the ugliest thing you have ever seen? But wait, there's more! The lamps used to have little metal petticoats that slipped over the middle part.

Here's what I replaced it with. The room is, of course, not yet scraped, painted, papered, or wood-floor-refinished, but I had to have something beautiful to look at.

Now isn't that better?

I know. I've never seen crystal chandelier lights that faced down before, either, but they do.

Here is the Bradbury and Bradbury paper I want to put in this room someday. It's the Fenway Roomset from the Morris Tradition line.




I bought a nice round oak dining room table and chairs to go in here but they are currently in the Parlor, as my bathtub and stove are in the middle of the dining room floor.

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Patricia W said...

I love the crusifix above the liquor cabinet. Now that's class.