20 April 2011

Spring Find

It's about time!  Right?

Went to my first estate sale of the season Monday and got some great deals because I went just before closing time and they were changing all the prices for Tuesday.  Picked up this sweet Art Deco Boudoir lamp for around $4.00. (Don't look at all my junk!)
Looks like the man of the house used it in his workshop and abused it.

Here it is after I cleaned it up and added a new cord.  The cord cost twice as much as the lamp!



Super Handyman Dave said...

I love what you didwith the lamp.-Dave

Bathroom Renovations said...

oh my I just love the lamp, looks like a vintage one, but of course the lovely look is what I admired the most.

Bathroom Renovation

Kelly said...

That lamp is very cool. Great find.

Linda Gartz said...

This is just gorgeous. What a gratifying hobby. I just love it. Thanks so much for following my blog!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Love design, amazing blog :) If you want to follow each other...just tell me:X


Anonymous said...

Lovely lamp jwyatt76