05 February 2011

I Survived Snowmageddon

We have gotten off easy so far this winter with minimal snowfall.  This one was a workout.  If I had been working I would have missed most of the week, as the city plows didn't do my side street until Friday morning.

This is the walk out to the garage. 

This is the front porch.  Ignore the tacky paint on the bricks.

Out the front gate to the street. Since I live on a corner I got all the snow that blew down the street North to South.

The driveway.  All shoveled by hand, I'll have you know.

As far as I got on Thursday because the plows had not yet been through.  I didn't want to duplicate effort and wasn't going anywhere anyway.

My unplowed side street.  

Taking pictures with mittens on is hard.


dmarks said...

Yeah. but didn't you get a snowpocalypse recently?

Marilyn said...

We got another heavy snowfall the end of February--about 11 more inches. It was heavy and wet and the city plows left a huge mess at the end of the drive because of all the parkees on the street. It is just now all gone. We are having rain and sleet now.