28 November 2009

Followup on the Pit Bull Attack

Lexington is staying at the vet all weekend because he is not doing as well as the vet would like.  Dr wants to make sure he is eating well and the shunt is draining and Lexy is getting fluids, etc before he sends him home.  That is fine with me.  They can care for him much better than I can.   Poor little guy.

I went out this morning to take pictures of the fence damage and have come to the conclusion that stupid dog got in my yard and broke the fence trying to get at Lexy (probably after chasing the other cats around first--they were all pretty panicked and ran inside when I was running out)  I couldn't hear anything until the growling because I had the door shut.

The screws are only in about 1/2 inch, but it takes a lot of force to do this amount of damage.  The attack happened right beside that bush on the terrace.  Lexy was undoubtedly outside the fence in front of deranged neighbor's house on the left and tried to get home when he heard the ruckus.  I will give these pictures to the Sheriff when he gets here on Monday.

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dynochick (Jan) said...

I had a neighbor's wolf looking dog come right through my patio screen to attack my nearly 20 y/o dog as she sleeping in front of the door. I barely had enough strength to push the patio door shut. On top of it the dog did 125 dollars in damage to the two screens. They said they would pay but they were evicted before I received any $$$.

I called the police and they told me to shoot the dog the next time. I told them I can't do such a thing just talk to them and write them a citation.