21 November 2009

The Cat Came Back!

Loki came back tonight!

I had written him off last week as deceased over the summer.  He has been taking summer vacations from home for the past 4 or so years and showing up again when it gets cold, but this year he was late, so I figured he was dead.  He's back, but very bony and he has lost all his teeth.  He is, after all, 13 years old, but very independent.
He is destined to be an inside cat now that I see his condition is deteriorating, even though it will be a battle with the other cats, as it always is.  That is why he runs away.  He is basically timid and the other cats intimidate him and chase him, so he runs to the next block where there must be some source of shelter for him (even though I provide warmth and shelter right here) and sneaks back for food.  As there are many animals eating my outside cat food I was not aware he was also eating it.
Loki's sib, Tigger, died last summer.  So far he is not eating that wonderful, rarely seen canned cat food I prepared specially for him, though he did lick the can.  I hope he is not also sick.

1 comment:

Karen Anne said...

Loki is beautiful.

I hope he is not sick, also. Is he eating at all? Could there be remains of teeth, maybe broken off, that are making his mouth uncomfortable or infected?