20 April 2008

Yard Work with Cats

Being a beautiful day, I decided to get a little done outside, even though my old winter bones don't want to move much. I did a lot of simple things like setting up the patio table and chairs,

(That tacky lion was gifted to me last week at 2:00 in the am by my ex, who thinks it's cool. He put it on the front porch, but not living at Graceland, I moved it to the back yard. If nature wants this thing to exist, it will stay there and not be broken--if not--Sayonara Tacky Lion!)

hauling the hoses out of the basement and hooking them up, and washing the mold (!) off the bulkhead doors preparatory to another coat of paint.

In all these endeavors I was "helped"by at least three cats at a time, and up to five at one point, when I happened to wander out into the yard to pick up a fallen branch. This was extremely fascinating to the in-all-winter group and they jumped and bit at it until it was broken into small enough pieces to satisfy them.

If we don't get a late freeze the Magnolia Soulangiana will be beautiful. (Tulip Tree to those not into botanical nomenclature)

One of the Forsythia is in bloom--the other is a poor performer, but it is useful as a scene-blocker, so it stays in the corner.


Jennifer said...

Love the lion... you could spray paint it gold and it would be even BETTER!

It always feels so nice to get the patio furniture out again... something to SIT on and enjoy the outdoors!

Sandy said...

I am so glad you had all that help! Good to see you post. Your yard is so lovely. Yep, spray painting the lion gold would definitely make it look great!

Marilyn said...

Noooooooooooooooo I guess no one was listening when I said This Isn't Graceland! That lion stays lion-colored until he dies.

Sandy said...

Yes, I heard you say that... I figured if you painted it, it might alleviate some of the aggravation! LOL

Eulalia said...
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