13 October 2007

Finally, Some Furniture!

On my lunch hour on Thursday I was browsing Antiques on Ebay and decided to filter to local auctions. Found a four-piece set of two loveseats and a platform rocker and side chair that didn't have much action and put in a $400 bid. To my surprise the next day I had won! And the best part--only $305! I will be calling the party tomorrow to arrange pickup or delivery but now have the problem of where to put these pieces. My dining room has a bathtub and a stove in it and my parlor has the dining set in it. The second parlor, where I am currently typing this, is more of a storage area. Guess I'll be moving the boxes back to the attic.

1 comment:

Omar said...

Wow, those look great! I love lurking on ebay auctions too. Still waiting for the perfect fireplace screen & toolset. :)