20 October 2007

Ebay Fraud

Well, it looks like the four furniture pieces I "won" last week won't be coming home with me. The seller says "ebay screwed up". "There was supposed to be a minimum on that auction". Whatever. This is a relative newbie who usually sells used children's clothing. She referred me to her sister who owned the furniture in question and I didn't get any more from her than the above. She was supposed to call me back the next night but didn't. Now her answering machine isn't working. The seller does not have a phone listed with ebay or on Zabasearch. (Stupid cell phones!)

Today I get a message from ebay that there is a Dispute that I need to address. These two have decided to lie to ebay and tell them that we have mutually decided to ignore the auction and go our separate ways. Au contraire! I have not been consulted in this. They have not written or talked to me since Tuesday night and at that time I was not told I could not have the furniture--just that they needed to work something out with ebay. Hah! Typical seller's remorse. They screwed up and I got a fabulous deal and they don't want me to enjoy it. So I told ebay that we did NOT have any agreement and will wait to see what this scheming couple comes up with next. Suffice it to say, I will not be getting any new furniture.

Well, there are some estate sales this weekend...


Anonymous said...

If you really want it tell them you will give them the $400 that was your high bid otherwise you will leave negative feedback. If they go for it, great. If not, leave the feedback. They deserve it. They have the chance to edit the auction listing up until the time someone bids on it. They are obviously lying.

The Petch House

Omar said...

Bummer. :(

Marilyn said...

I had no recourse but to leave the seller a negative. Neither she nor her sister answered my email or called me. The sister who owned the furniture told the other one that we had worked things out and had decided not to complete the auction. Oh well. I'll keep looking for bargains!