23 December 2006

Cracks & Holes

I worked for several hours in the stairwell today because there was beautiful, natural light coming in the window. Yesterday it was so dark and gloomy I couldn't do anything in there. I am filling in all the gaps left by the guy who put up my drywall the other day. I have gone through a whole gallon of mud now and have to wait til Christmas is over to get another. Except for the rickety scaffold I enjoy doing this--making rough places smooth and filling in holes. It's the sanding part I hate. I'm going to skim coat the entire drywalled area (I know, I should use plaster!) and then seal it good before I paint or paper. I just hate the look of drywall--especially roller-painted drywall.

For a change of pace, here's something that fell out of the ceiling when we took the old drywall down.

Looks pretty good, actually. Reminds me of things my mother used to make.

Another thing that fell out of the ceiling was a cancelled rent check from 1960 that shows the party rented my house for $100.00 a month!

Above my stairwell ceiling is a large empty space and a "secret room" that the FO's kids used to play in. We found a Michael Jackson poster and lots of books and a folding chair in there. The books are all school-type books, of which there were a lot dumped down the wall chases in the attic for some unknown reason. There were some lurid True Crime type paperbacks, too. I have also found two ancient croquet balls up there. Can you imagine what that sounded like when those kids were rolling those around? It was bad enough when we had squirrel races under the floorboards every morning before we fixed the big roof hole.

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