18 October 2010

Around the House

I was without my computer for 4 days last week and had problems for two weeks before that, so I've had to re-learn how to live without that daily routine.  Fortunately the weather was just beautiful and cooperated in getting my fall painting done. (Yet again!)  It seems I paint the porches and steps every year.  It doesn't matter if I undercoat, use oil or latex, sand first, or anything.  The winter just peels the paint off every time.  That's one of the reasons I have never painted the porch floor you see Tommy sitting on below.  It still has its 108 year patina.

This is my under-porch hidey-hole for kitties. (And where raccoons go to die.)

I know those piers look bad, but they are terrible to begin with and I refuse to try to pretty them up.  Some idiot replaced the rounded-red-brick-with-granite-cap ones that were there with these abominations many years ago when they painted my brick and foundations.

I'll end this with some photos of the awesomeness that is my house.


Omar said...

Looks like a new paint job on the rest of the house too, nice! More pics.. :)

Marilyn said...

It was painted about 5 years ago. You'll have to scroll back for more pics. I have not repainted the brick first floor or foundation because they were never supposed to be painted in the first place and I am waiting for technology that will let me remove paint from brick in an Historic District for small cost and big results and no damage. (Like that will ever happen!)
I am not thrilled with the job the painters did, even with explicit written instructions--they used a spray gun and over-sprayed my crappy storms and then painted them shut as well as getting paint all over the brick first floor and not cleaning it up.(Always take your vacation when getting your house painted so you can supervise--lesson learned.)

Omar said...

Doh, after going over your old posts yes I see. Looks great by the way. I really like the column detail over that one window in the front gable. I hear you on the painted masonry issue -- supposedly there are methods to safely remove, but have to really see this done successfully. Best of luck.