22 September 2010

Yet Another Frame

After being excoriated by several people for not having any new posts for a while, I've come up with something. While I have been stripping paint off a mantel, it is not really blog-worthy, so here are some before and during pics of my new old frame.

You can see that is has a significant amount of missing gesso appliques.  When I bought it there was a baggie of pieces that had fallen off.  When I got home I washed the frame with a toothbrush and water and glued the pieces back on.
I needed an intact corner piece to replace the one that was mostly gone.  One of them was almost complete so I made up some of my Amazing Mold Putty and applied it.  I also made some casts of trim.

It looks really good.  I added the parts that were missing and touched up the missing trim.

It is taking longer to dry than the Paper Clay that I used before.  The store was out of Paper Clay so I had to get something else.  It is taking longer to dry and I hope it sticks as well.  It's called Super Dough.

When this is dry I will seal the clay and paint it.


TrafRd said...

Please! What is the recipe for your amazing mold putty?

Marilyn said...

Thought that might make you sit up and take notice, what with all the plaster you have to replicate! Here is a link to my first frame post: http://hauserhaus.blogspot.com/2007/09/frame-up.html.
Here is the website: http://amazingmoldputty.com/

TrafRd said...

Thanks for the link... and the correction