30 July 2009

A Little Reconstruction, Part Dos

I cleaned up the dried glue around the pegs and dry-fitted some of the pieces together. While I had some pieces clamped I was working by the compost bin on the other side of the garage and heard something happening high over my head. A dead branch broke off (probably a fat squirrel) and fell right where I had been standing a few minutes before. I rushed over to see if my chair was ok and had it cleaned up before I thought to take a picture.

Here is the tree. I put everything away because storm clouds were rolling in.

And here are the pieces of the limb.

Scary how you can get hurt just standing under a tree with no wind blowing. Anyway . . .

I went back outside after I was certain it was not going to rain after all and I got the chair glued together and clamped.

Tomorrow I will clean up the stain some more and put some poly on it if I have some. I have to fabricate a small screwing block for the seat, too. It's amazing the trust we put in a few little pegs and some glue that's all that's between our butts and the floor.


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I am so totally in envy of your garage doors. Most of the original doors of this vintage seem to be of the hinged type. I'd love to see a few photos of how they sit on the track, somtime, if you might.

Marilyn said...

Put "garage" in the search box and you can see more post with pictures of the doors. Basically they are attached like inside pocket doors--two metal tracks with a pulley-like hanger with half a bracket hanging from it. The other half of the bracket goes on the other side of the door and two bolts go through it. I need to get out there and put some more grease in those tracks before winter.