10 June 2009

Sibley Update

I thought you might like to see photos of Sibley the Feral Cat's progress towards becoming a Tame Cat.

Here he is getting petted while I am sitting in my computer chair. This is now a nightly routine for him.

He really is enjoying this! If I stop he stands up and taps me on the arm for more. I still don't dare pick him up, however.

He will lay on the floor and watch me at the computer.
He also wants to be petted when I am eating at the table in the kitchen. It seems whenever I am in a chair he is not afraid. The only place he doesn't want my attention is in the bathroom--which is the place all the other cats seem to think is where I am doing nothing and should be petting them.

This is Bertie, Sibley, and Purrcey on the kitchen floor.

This is Bertie and Sibley enjoying some catnip sleeping pads on the bathtub in the dining room. (Don't we all have bathtubs in the dining room beside antique stoves and half-refinished Victorian sideboards?)
He is progressing daily and knows his name and will perk up when he knows I am talking to him, but still will not come when called. He hangs around when the other kitties are getting treats, but is still somewhat afraid of having treats tossed to him and a little slow on the whole treat thing, so doesn't get too many when greedy Tommy is around.
Right now he is sleeping in a chair in the room with me, but still aware of every noise I make so I don't sneak up on him and kill him.


Karen Anne said...

:-) :-) So glad to see the Sibley news.

Sandy said...

What beautiful kitties! Loved the pictures. And I have read enough house blogs to not even blink an eye when reading about a bathtub in the dining room! LOL

NV said...

Sent here by Karen Anne a week or so ago and glad of it! Love your blog and Sibley! Just now getting around to leaving a comment.

No TUB in my dining room, though there IS currently: a microwave, beadboard panels, 8 gallons of paint, a box of ceramic tile for the bathroom, a collection of tools, boxes of knickknacks from the kitchen, and (until Saturday) there WAS a stainless steel range hood. (We're redoing the kitchen and bath among other things.)

Marilyn said...

Welcome Karen Anne and NV! I also have several boxes of tile and a boxed lavatory in the corner. Gotta start on that bathroom soon. . .