05 December 2008

New Old Pics

Wow! Look at this! It's a picture of my second parlor and I'm sitting right now where the girl is, typing on my computer. The walls don't look anywhere near as nice as that and there is no carpeting. The sender didn't identify the girl, but the man is Charles Hauser, and they are in the music room, so labeled on the fuse box, or second parlor. She is probably his niece, Rose. The sender is her grandson.

He also sent me this picture of Charles' wife, Rosa. (update: After looking at this picture again, I realized it couldn't be Rosa, as she was born in 1855, and this is clearly a carte-de-visite from the mid 1860's. It has to be Rosa's mother, Mary Augusta Schmitt.)

And this nice picture of them out in the yard somewhere. This is undoubtedly on Union Street in Heritage Hill where the Hausers spent their last years. The clothing looks to be late 30's.

I was working on my history/genealogy program of the West Side's early German families when I ran across this great website. Since these families went to the same church, worked in the same factories, and lived in the same neighborhood, they were all intermarried. I have quite an extensive database on them and now I can add some more dates and pictures and fill in a few missing pieces on some of the families.
I will definitely be printing that top picture to hang in my music room. (If I ever get it done!)


Jennifer said...

Those pictures are simply amazing! And the last one was a welcome surprise, as my Grandfather grew up on Union, in the German neighborhood. You are so lucky to have so much history under your feet. All I have in my house is a bunch of Mental hospital workers that came and went every year.

Jayne said...

What great photos!

Green Fairy said...

What great photos! You're lucky to have such tangible bits of house history.

Sandy said...

I love old pictures. These are great!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh! How cool! We've just begun finding out about our home's history. Ho exciting it must be to have photos of the interior way back when!