26 September 2008

The Lion In Fall

The old boy is looking a bit battered after a summer of rain of Biblical proportions and some freaky hail. His crunchy coating is wearing off his nose and the rain is eating it away.

You can see the hail damage on the plant above.

So, should I leave him out all winter and let nature have at him or put him in the garage?


Sandy said...

If he's not terribly heavy, maybe you could put him in the garage.

Neighmond said...

Well-a-day! If it were a brass monkey I would say leave it out, so you can see just how cold it really gets, but being a stone lion he may have to go in the porch.

Karen Anne said...

Might he fracture if left out all winter?

Marilyn said...

For all those who are worrying about the lion I did put him in the garage. Maybe next years' rain will disintegrate him.